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  • ・2019.1.1
    It changed the company's name to meistier corporation.
  • ・2018.1.1
    A home page was remodeled.
  • ・2017.12.1
    Nagoya Service Center opened in Japan.
  • ・2017.6
    Establishment of 特瑞科技有限公司 in Taiwan.
  • ・2016.11
    TEXUS Co.,Ltd.(a die bonder manufacturer,) became a group company.
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What is the future you imagine?

Company overview



Main office

1-35 Fukuhara, Koshi, Kumamoto, 861-1116 Japan


2081-17 Tabaru, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto, 861-2202 Japan

The phone number

TEL +81-96-214-5680 / FAX +81-96-214-5681


November, 1990


50,000,000 yen

Number of employees

1,100 people

Business areas

Development, design, production, and sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, precision machinery, labor-saving machinery, built-in robotic devices, embedded image processing machinery, and welfare devices.

Development, production, sales, LSI design, and software development for all kinds of sensors; built-in communication for IoT systems and related equipment.

Overhaul of robots, vacuum pumps, valves etc; production facilities-based field service.

ESD/latch-up examination, reliability testing, 3D analysis (external as well as CT scanning).


Seiya Kudo.

Organization chart

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Organization chart

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Company history

February, 1986

Founded in Kumamoto.

November, 1990

Established as a limited company.

June, 1992

Company status changed to Human Corporation.

July, 1996

Established spin-off company Treasure of Technology.

February, 2001

Relocated headquarters to Techno Research Park.

May, 2002

Moved to newly opened premises in Semicon Techno Park.

October, 2003

Clean room completed at headquarters.

April, 2004

Acquisition of ISO14001 and ISO9001.

October, 2004

Completion of "i-tec" training and education centre at headquarters.

July, 2005

Foundation of Power Technology in Oita.

January, 2007

Foundation of Treasure of Technology Inc. in the USA.

February, 2007

Denken Technol made into a subsidiary company.

October, 2014

Kanto branch established in Yokohama.

March, 2015

Kansai branch established in Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture.

March, 2015

Absorption of Treasure of Technology by Human.

May, 2016

Relocation of headquarters to Techno Research Park.

June, 2017

Establishment of 特瑞科技有限公司 in Taiwan.

January, 2019

It changed the company's name to meistier corporation.

Greeting from the President.

2016 is being referred to as the first year of the Internet of Things (IoT).
There has been a surge in devices which are connected to a network, and we are breaking into an age of new services and business models which are greatly transforming the infrastructure of society.
Capitalizing on our manufacturing know-how, cultivated over many years, our company has been developing various solutions in order to create connections.
In the future, as demand for more complex and high-grade technology arises, there are concerns about the technology of security, considering that everything iswithin a connected environment. From now on, we think security is of the upmost importance, and we are particularly pushing forward with the betterment of technology.
The creation, utilization and solution of this kind of environment all rely on one thing: people.
Attention and consideration can only be established by people. We are implementing an IoT business which is reflective of human communication, and contributing to the realization of an environmentally-friendly and people-friendly society.


Business establishment introduction


2081-17 Tabaru, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto, 861-2202 Japan
TEL +81-96-214-5680 FAX +81-96-214-5681


  • 2km from Kumamoto airport. 5 mins by taxi.
  • 8.5km from Higo-Ozu train station. 15 mins by taxi.

Main office and Koshi factory

1-35 Fukuhara, Koshi, Kumamoto, 861-1116 Japan
TEL +81-96-349-5080 FAX +81-96-349-5088


  • 12km from Kumamoto Interchange. 20 mins by car.
  • 3km from Haramizu (JR Higo Line) train station. 7 mins by taxi.
  • 10km from Kumamoto airport. 15 mins by taxi.

Kanto branch

The 11th floor of MM park building, 6-3, 3-Chome, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa,220-0012 Japan
TEL +81-45-640-4030 FAX +81-45-640-4031


  • 90m from Minatommirai train station (Minatomirai Line). 2 mins on foot.

Kansai branch

Amingu Shioe#20-1, 20-1,1-chome,Shioe, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo,661-0976 Japan
TEL +81-6-6492-1860 FAX +81-6-6492-1861


  • 600m from Amagasaki train station (JR Kobe Line or Takarazuka Line). 7 mins on foot.
  • 11km from Osaka Itami airport. 25 mins by taxi.

Nagomi factory

2840, Itakusu, Nagomimachi, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto,861-0913 Japan
TEL +81-968-34-3339 FAX +81-968-34-3369


  • 11km from Kikusui IC. 20 mins by car.
  • 18km from Shin-Tamana train station. 30 mins by taxi.

Fukuoka service center

Higo Tenjin takara Bill, 8-1, 2-chome, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka,810-0041 Japan
TEL +81-92-751-2990 FAX +81-92-751-2991


  • 450m from Tenjin subway station (Airport Line). 6 mins on foot.
  • 550m from Fukuoka train station (Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line). 7 mins on foot.

Nagoya service center

Fure-nu Marunouchi Bill, 23-8, 3-chome, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,460-0002 Japan
TEL +81-52-959-5690 FAX +81-52-959-5691


  • Marunouchi subway station (Sakura-dori Line). 5 mins on foot.


Santa Clara Office(The U.S.A)

5201 Great America Parkway,Suite 320
Santa Clara,CA 95054,USA
Phone (408)496-1800


  • 0.9miles (1.4km) from Great America Station. 3 mins by taxi.


Hillsboro Office(The U.S.A)

2240 NE Griffin Oaks Street,Suite B-200
Hillsboro,OR 97124,USA
Phone (503)693-2424


  • 23ft (7m) from 2200 Block NE Griffin Oaks. 1 min on foot.


特瑞科技有限公司 (Taiwan)

12F.-1, No.285, Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL +886 (0)4-23213819

FAX +886 (0)4-23215572


  • 2.8km from Taichu station. 10 mins by taxi.
  • 9.1km from Taichu Shinkansen station. 20 mins by taxi.

Group enterprise introduction

Corporation power technology


Through our combined semiconductor and outsourcing expertise, we can deliver "Total Outsourcing" to accomodate your business' needs, from worker dispatch to contracting. As a partner company, we can make proposals best suited to clients'needs.



Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Tretec is a field support business for worldwide semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With services locations in Hillsborough, Oregon, and Hsinchu, Taiwan, we can promptly deliver systems which can support clients' needs. In addition to our primary business of field engineeering and parts sales, in Hillsborough we have facilities for repairs and overhauls and can perform overhauls for all kinds of equipment. As your partner, we can offer flexible proposals.

※ A question from the country?
I'll also answer with a HUMAN CO., LTD..

Corporation denken technology Noll


With the aid of an Energy Savings Company (ESCO), you can tackle the installation of air conditioning systems or LED lighting etc without initial investment costs becoming a burden. Should you, for example, want to bring about CO2 reduction and simultaneously reduce energy costs, we can offer solutions born from ideas which reconcile the contribution put in and the merits achieved.

A corporation  TKU human.


TKU Human supports a vibrant Kumamoto via a wide-range of business types including: dispatching staff for mass media; dispatching skilled staff to cover childcare leave ; TV programs, commercials and homepages for medical personnel recruitment; video production; an advertising agency; a tourism agency; "U-Turn" seminars for new university graduates ; Fuji Flower Network (nationwide flower delivery).

A corporation  TEXUS.

TEXUS Co.,Ltd.

Employing unique technology
We conduct R&D as well as production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment die bonders and automated equipment.
We are constantly and proactively developing new projects, and through original product development we aim to contribute to our partner company's business.
While further perfecting technology since our founding, we have been pursuing product creation which is both highly user-friendly and highly reliable, and we continue to grow towards a worthwhile future.

Acquisition of ISO9001.