Support from our five integrated business units.

From embedded systems, equipment development and modular manufacturing , through to analysis of developed products and scanning services, Human's business covers many areas.
All our services are carried out by our five integrated business units. Through these five units we can bring together our mutual resources in order to propose solutions. Please tell us about any worries you have with development, production, or manufacturing.
At Human, we will propose the best solution for you.




Product innovation division

Providing one-stop solutions for all kinds of mechanical and production equipment, from development to manufacturing.


We deliver turnkey solutions for the development, manufacturing and installation of machinery and production equipment for a wide range of fields including semiconductors, cars, and LCDs, In order to increase manufacturing capacity we can provide an effective and diverse array of machinery, and when implementing something for the first time, we can aid you consistently from first concept through to final installation.




System solution division

Providing turnkey solutions for integrated systems which fit diverse needs.


Extending across system proposals - requirement definitions - software and hardware design - module development - prototyping - high volume production, we offer a short lead-time, one-stop fabrication service. Development of core IT applications with built-in microcomputer technology to carry out system controls. IoT system development.
We can also suggest solutions combining boards and modulesHereafter we will work from the customer's perspective to solve problems right away and to make real what you want to achieve.




Manufacturing division

We offer full support for equipment technology and can be entrusted with all manufacturing operations.


From a single machine to a whole production line, or on a process-by-process basis, we can be entrusted with manufacturing in all forms.
In business contracting we utilize our know-how related to facilities and electronic equipment, and along with providing quality and productivity improvement measures in a timely fashion, we deliver effective contributions through prompt implementation.




Production support division

Maintaining production equipment in the best condition, and maximizing process capability.


By providing periodic maintenance and high-quality overhauls for your machinery and units, we can contribute to both the improvement of operation rates and production-line quality.
With our X-ray CT scanner we can carry out non-destructive analysis, measurement, and calibration. We can propose the dispatch or contracting of engineers who fit your needs as well as offer and implement various forms of support




Carrier management division

Highly efficient
management systems